Vaginas have it worse


It does not matter that the higher  % homeless people are male.

It does not matter than the redhead girl is wearing mascara. It does not matter than average price drug store mascara and a pack of pads are the same price

It does not matter that to be fat you have to eat in a caloric surplus and to obese as one of the girls from the streets, you have to eat a shitload of stuff.

It does not matter that pure breed dogs are expensive as fuck and that a homeless person should not be able to afford one.

It does not matter that periods are only once a month and homeless people have hygiene needs daily. Yes, pads are needed, but definitely should not be the center of attention. My mother and my sister were wearing just a piece of cloth back in Soviet Russia and it was normal. Pads are a privilege, a comfort of the modern world. 

Lets disregard the common issues that all the homeless people have. Homeless female have it worse always! Because vagina! So pay attention to the PMS here yo!

And for sure, it does not matter that face tattoos and statement that she likes to live on the streets is a choice, a choice to be in shit rather than work and pay for your own tampons. 

Lets just have pity on leeches and let them feed of us.



When I was little, I saw my mother cry because she could not feed us. The fridge had 1 dried carrot. 

My father didn’t had his salary payed for 2 years.

At some point my mother emptied all the pockets of all the clothing in the house, bough pastic bags (because free plastic bags are also an american thing), and pour flour on them that we had as a back up.

Then she went to a market and traded the flour for food.

She was also able to sold a bag for about a dollar or something and buy more bags and trade more.

That’s how we ate for a while.

In America, Canada as well as Britain,  provide welfare. I had benefit from it. It allowed me to finish high school and have an attestation (not even a diploma), which allows me to work pay for my stuff.

If I had no diploma, there’s still a shitload of jobs that can keep you out of the streets. 



Once I was bringing leftovers from work, but stopped on a gas station.

A man entered the store at the gas station to get hot water for his instant noodles, he was dirty, but didn’t look like homeless.

I offered him the food. He said “I’m not homeless!”. He was hungry tho. I can recognize it because I know what it is. So I just put the food at his side and started talking where to go in my city to get welfare, where to go for “free food”, etc, etc. He started eating while listening (he was truly hungry). I offered him $5 for a bus ride. He didn’t take it, repeating that he’s not homeless or beggar. I said “ok then” and started walking away.

He started saying “thank you” loudly. “Thank you for your help” and pretty much was repeating him self. He was also shaking. I think that I saw a spark of home in his eyes, but that’s just a purely subjective thing. Maybe he was just insane.
Being a homeless in a first world country most of the times is a choice.

There are bad things that happen to people, but with the will for survival, one can get out.
The one that’s not homeless in his soul, will find the way out no matter of what.



You may think I’m a piece of shit because of my unpopular opinions, however, I always have food with me since bringing lunch from home and I carry new toothpaste brush with toothpaste, as well as I always carry a pair of clean socks.

Very few times those things were offered, got accepted by the person sitting with a sign.

When I was working downtown, I was speaking with a homeless dude. He was funny. Sometimes I gave him cigarettes.

Once he told me “why would I work. I’m standing here, speaking with you, did you finish your cigarette? No! But I already made $10”
Use your brain and make experiments. It can show you how much media is brainwashing you.

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