They say woman are more compassionate and nurturing.

Was driving on the 20, it’s summer, I have the roof open. It started raining. Traffic was slower than a grandma.

Stopped at an “isle” where I would not bother anyone. At a place where 2 highways merge.

I had to close the roof and I would not be near an exit anywhere soon.

Some dude from the right lane: Hey! Are you OK? Need help?

Me made some dumb joke about “rain happens”

Girls from a gray shitty honda: LOOOOOSER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! (*mean girl laugh*)

I regret loosing them out of sight quickly, I have a strong feeling some instant karma should have happened.

I wasn’t offended, just surprised. I mean, their car was pretty shitty and I’m a looser for not closing the roof of my sports car when it can rain?



So they say woman are more compassionate and nurturing than man. Are we really?

If feminism ever dominates the world, they will kill all man first, then they will eat each other alive (no, not in the way you thought, you dirty minded troll!)

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