Tall, blonde, blue eyes, smart, manipulative piece of shit

So I’ve met this guy, luckily, not in real life.
He was quite “good material”. Tall, blone, blue eyes, engineer of some kind.
He was also syrian, however, I’ve decided to not be close minded.
He was pretty smart, had great sense of humour and was interesting to talk to. Almost prince charming.
However, that kind does not exist.
He started the typical phase of love bombing, then randomly got jealous, constantly asked how many other dudes I’m talking to and stuff like that.
Some other times, he would tell me, that he had plans for tonight, but didn’t go out with his friends just so we can chat.
Some other times he would tell me, that he had another girl who’s interested in him and ready to fuck, but he stayed home, just to talk to me.
Some other times, he would send me silly cute messages with smiles and shit… just like  a 16 years old girl would do… he also would not leave me alone, until I aknowledge I saw that.
One day he send me a flower on the dating app, then texted me saying I may have not seen it so he “bought” me another one.
Obviously, the flower he “bought” was in the texto.
All those small tactics of making you in love and dependant, that narcicists and borderlines to to manipulate you.
I really wonder if there’s anyone on dating apps in their sane mind.

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