2 August 2019:

I don’t know what happenned with you, but you always came back to my mind.
I always thought I was derping around but sadly I wasn’t.

You left a scar on me like a Succubus would do…
I’ve been through hell and meet Samael.

Honestly, even if I die, I’ll never forget those eyes of yours, DirtyInode.

I’ve meet him once. It was 2018, already cold outside, but no snow yet.
Not a bad person. Simple dude with simple interests and life experiences. Normal level of shyness, not lots of exiting life experiences. A pot head that partied  since high school and is proud that by 30 he’s starting his welding career and that in X amount of years he’ll finish paying Bertha… a car that he already managed to break.


Quite typical Quebecois dude. There are plenty of those. Each one thinks he’s unique because of his “nerdy” life path. Apparently, if you can clic “next” to install a videogame, you are one. I almost feel insulted.
Nothing original, other than the obsessive idea that we’re a good match.


Sometimes I don’t feel like being a bitch to people, but apparently, if you’re polite and even listen what the date has to say, they think you’re perfect.
An unavoidable jizz in the panths happens, when they realize you’re the “gamer chick” (I’m so casual, I suck on joysticks effficiently tho) and “tech”.


He was spitting info about himself for around 4hs, which gave me a solid image of who he is.
It was also very clear that this person is not for me.  I’ve understood that IQ level and financial status play a much important role in my life than I thought.


He’s not stupid. But he missed the precious time of his youth to aquire knowledge and develop skills that would make him a “good mate” in the female eyes and as much as I hate  to admit it, I could not date someone with half of my income. I’m a spoiled brat and don’t plan to change my lifestyle. Having “another mouth to feed”, specially knowing he’ll never be able to meet my “requirements” if I can no longuer work, is highly stressfull.

I’m fedup with having to save money to afford things one needs and only allowing yourself to buy things for events like Xmass, birthday, etc. I don’t want to live Soviet Russia mode in Canada.
Call me mercantile, but the level of financial responsibility for other people that I currently have is enough for me.


It’s been a while I’ve finished my hot chocolate. He didn’t offer to refill, just like he didn’t offer to buy me a coffee. It was like $2.
This behaviour was just extra “cheap” considering the amount of interest he was showing and the fact I’ve clearly stated I have a more traditional approach to dating.

You’re boring and poor, Raph.
In my eyes, you have no potential to keep up with the life I currently have and certainly no chance to contribute to a life I want to have.
If I ever was with you, I’d drag you with me on *my* path and you’d have a hard time to keep up.
My character it’s a bit “too strong” for your personality.
I’d crush your spirit.

I would never be able to fall in love with you. We don’t have absolutelly anything in common.
The fact that you’ve installed linux once in your life doesn’t qualify as one, since you’re not capable to provide mental stimulation and challenge me technically.
Gaming isn’t important as a point in common to me. Everybody games those days. It’s no longuer “nerdy”.
You’re not bad looking, but I don’t get wet as soon as I see you.

You just have absolutely nothing that interests me.
There’s no connection. You just felt exited because I wasn’t mean to you and I’ve listened to you.
This is definitelly not enough to think we would be a good match.

You’re a little bit “too simple for me”.
Seek someone of your own kind.

Last time we’ve spoken was February 22 2019. Last message you’ve sent before this was on March 9th 2019.
You may want to seek a therapist since this kind of obsession is not healthy.

I never wanted to destroy your self esteem, thus, the only way to read this for you, is stalking.



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