Spring: The time of the year when allergies kick in.

All the sysadmins are guilty of “curl -sSL https://install.stackstorm.com/ | sudo sh -s -- -r v1.3.2"

There are no exceptions, all of  us were young & dumb.

An ubuntu noob, showing off hiz cool compiz cube saying he’s super hacker, will go follow the first tutorial found google to try to fix a problem. That kind of people has no notion of “production”, “security” and “common sense”. It’s normal, those are things that are aquired with experience. It’s called growing up as sysadmin.

After some time, a bunch of clusterfucks, sleepless nights and angry clients, we all come to the conclusion that copypasta from a how-to-me-wanna-be-techy blog is BAD.

Oh wait…  What?


Okay, nevermind! Microsoft is taking care of us guys. We can all ditch reading, thinking by our selves and learning how to do shit properly. It’s just like the old times, when the internet was not evil and we could trust the install scripts from any source!

Microsoft  ensures that everyone can be a sysadmin. Even people with an attention spawn of a goldfish.  It’s all quick and easy again. Just like in the ubuntu forums, but without the ‘rm -rf’ “jokes” that endup wiping your OS (well… only until reaching /bin). Microsoft would never let you down!

Also, they’re so sure you’ll love Windows 2016 Nano, that it almost sounds like a form of hypnosis! 

Did they really had to put that word to the OS name? It was trendy about 3 years a go… is it just me, or it sounds outdated as fuck?

It’s funny in their hackatons they preach that having a slow development process hurts the company,  but re-use  terms of dinosaur times? Or they’ve just copied Amazons t1.ano with 1CPU&512MbRAM?


“We know and you know:”

We’ll just remind you again, that we’re the good guys, so you don’t forget we’re on the same side. Right?

“Working in IT often means little time for much else. You like to keep up with the latest releases, technology trends, and evolving threats, but with work piling up, this can be difficult. Even worse, when you can make time to find out what’s new in IT, you often have to waste it sifting through a sea of unreliable information and a bunch of “Cloud training 101!!!” videos that are really just sales pitches.”

Yes, it is so difficult to spend 15 minutes a day on news… There are no trusted nerd websites, no social media at all that can notify you about stuff that interests you.

Anyways, those precious 15 minutes a day can not be wasted on sitting in front of a computer and reading. You have to get up early, put on a shirt and a tie, get stuck in traffic for 1 hour, just so all the office plankton can be at the same place at the same time.

Collective thinking is the only way to go, so again, lets just drop any attempt to self education. Microsoft will provide you the only  only the information you need. Microsoft will tell you what’s smart and what’s not. Microsoft is your friend.

“We realize you want to hear from people who actually know their stuff: real IT people, the engineers building the solutions, and other highly technical minds.”

Because you are just a random looser, sitting in a basement, fixing printers when the secretary calls you.

You’re not a real sysadmin. You follow the leader, the smarter senior, with 75 years of experience, who claims to have invented the punch cards himself. 

Because you’re not capable of thinking. Because you can achieve something, only if someone already has done it and wrote a procedure for it.

You can only be a sheep.

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