Shut up, you may offend someone on the internetz!

Was trolling with some engineers in the US over slack, on how there’s a Readme on how to do the doc and how there should be a doc for the Readme…
Some dude: lol. would that make you read them? </troll>
Me: well… maybe… but I would have to learn to read… and I’m blonde
Some dude: You put me in awkward situations with your jokes :smile:. They are def not US workplace friendly.

So I apologized, in order for the dude to not have to laugh at my joke and to not get in trouble because I make fun of myself… o_O

That does not make lots of sense to me… at least I didn’t start with the “big tits” that often follow “blonde”.

It’s not that he does not have a sense of humor… 

Some dude [private message]: Sorry, I don’t mean to be an ass. US women are usually pretty serious about those kind of jokes. It typically causes employers to fire people.

… it’s just that Soviet Russia had less censorship and more freedom of speech… 
I thought the internets were batshit crazy, but nop, it’s actually the world.

 But that’s Soviet Russia, we all know there’s dancing bears over there drinking vodka 24×7.

US cares about their employees and makes workplaces very safe for females.



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