Psychos everywhere…

So I met a funny & interesting guy, which taste in music matched mine. He’s a bit short, but hey, I’m not perfect either, at least he got brains, cuz he’s a QA engineer!


I wish I kept this friendship strictly online. I would not be disappointed by another weirdo. He arrived in a suit… most likely because it makes him look bigger.

While he was sitting, he looked taller, but at the end of the date, I’ve realized we’re almost the same height… and he was wearing boots… 

Yes, those 25cm matter. That 25cm is the main difference between hobbits and people.



Oh well, the first hour of the date went pretty well and was fun. 

Unfortunately, I had to visit the lady’s room because we were having beer and upon my return, he looked pretty pissed off had payed the bill.

He told me that if I wanted more, he’d get that for me, but who actually would in that type of situation?

I mean, it’s nice that the dudes pay for you, but I felt like I’m 5 years old who’s getting told it was enough fun and ice cream.

At the end, we’re adults and if paying for me bothers him to that extent,  splitting the bill is normal in Canada.


We stayed some time more, since my glass was full, and the dude wanted to talk (literally, either we was talking, either asking me questions). His mood changed a lot, for a minute he could be mad, for another he could be all nice.

He was telling he’s a really organised person. He showed me his to-do list, in today’s trello board I was marked in red.

For some reason, I’ve just pictured something like Friday@8pm: sex, but it must be only my imagination.


The dude was trying to show off his phone as much as possible.  He got it out of the pocket several times and made me look at it while showing things, like his to-do and music.

I also got the impression he tried to show off his watch. Then he randomly told he’s gonna get a condo.

I didn’t react to any of that.

He started sweating. The suit must have been too warm, but taking it off, would reveal a not very sportive body, with a bigger belly and smaller shoulders.

That’s not acceptable for a “peacock type of guy”, who tries to show off his feathers.


He kept talking, how nobody would believe him, that he met a tech metalhead girl…
He kept trowing insecurity phrases such as “if you don’t like me [bla bla bla]”

He told that if I didn’t like him, at least I had some free beer… it wasn’t a joke…


At 21h30, exactly 2hs after the start of the date,  he told that he’s on vacation, but I for sure have work tomorrow. I responded something silly of type “omg! I had to be sleeping now”, so he told me to leave.

I didn’t wanted to piss off a crazy dude, so I just pick up my stuff and make jokes, preparing to leave.

He wanted to accompany me, which he did. He even opened the door for me.

He was lost and didn’t knew where’s the metro.  He also failed using google maps. Thanx Hell, I use it pretty often due to my topographical cretinism…  

I guess it was some other kind of trick, but I didn’t get it at the time.

However, the dude was a bit disappointed I’ve pulled out my phone for location purposes.


Before leaving to the metro, he told me he wanted to see me again. Then he messaged me on the app repeating same shit.

I was a bit confused,  but I didn’t think missing all those “red flags” was a great idea.

I kept talking to him, just to find more red flags. Basically, each time that I have a different opinion, he would mirror me, so I like him more.

Interesting tactic, but a common thing among manipulative sick fucks.


Unfortunately,  more than 5 red flags in a single date is way too much to continue communication with someone.



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