Microsoft is good

I must admit Microsoft has some good things. Firt is AD, because managing printers, users, etc on Linux is possible, but not the best, specially in large corporations where there are hundreds of hamsters  users.

However, AD is not a product that I must touch daily and be happy about. It’s their keyboards.

I got it  before colledge, which I had finished more than 5 years a go…

Just today, in less than 30 minues, I’ve dropped my beer glass twice, yes, on the keyboard.  

It has harder keys, which is not as comphy for someone spending 12+ hours a day in a terminal, however, it’s still alive, not like my Logitech k800. 

It was water! WATER! I turned it off immediately, removed the batteries and put it in the rice barrel we have (because back in Soviet Russia, there was no food and now we stack all the foods like preparing for zombie apocalypsis). It was useless. None of the actions I did mattered. It’s dead.

Now… I really wonder if Microsoft does have something that’s good quality, or they just do products minded for drunken clumsy people.

Here’s some nerdcore, because reasons:


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