Man still exist!

Thanx Universe man still exist!!!

My coolant has leaked… like a lot, like there was none in the tank!

First my co-worker came to the resque and backed me up oncall… cuz I got all dirty checking my car and touching my laptop would not be a great idea if I needed it. Like VERY DIRTY!

Then, when I got to Canadian Tire to get the coolant… some extra canisters of coolant, cuz it leaks badly, some dude helped me carrying them.
It was to get my number tho, but my back appreciated a lot the gesture of kindness. 
The dude actually had a funny pickup line (I didn’t get it till the last moment) and definitelly made me laugh, which definitelly made my day better!
Then he gave me a hug (like a highschool hug, like when u almost don’t touch the person, which I find polite… and funny) and left cuz I told I’m calling an uber and I’m fine.

Then, I tried to call an uber, but the app froze and rebooting my phone would not help.
When I had the “Fuck my life” face, a taxi stopped and got me to my car… with no charge.

Then I had to drive fast to get home before the cooling liquid leaked… and there was police… and they stopped me.
I’ve explained what’s happening and instead of giving me a hugeass ticket, they escorted me home with sirens and shit!

I’m SO FUCKING GLAD that not all man got brainwashed by the stupid ass feminism which tells people woman are equal to man and have to deal with their shit by themselves and that there are still gentelman on this world!

If I had to fix my shit all by myself with no help, I would succeed, but damn it would be much harder, I would be tired and angry right now instead of having a good day regardless Lucifer having a bobo.

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