Lead like a queen. (this title needs more arroganse)

Entered elevator. Lights went off. Elevator stopped.
Had to be rescued like a princess. Firefighters were cute. Must do this more often (still single)

I’ve pressed buttons.
He pressed buttons.

I’ve sat my ass on the floor (thought it would take hours).
He sat his buttox on the floor.

I’ve called the operator.
He finally unfroze and started interacting with ppl trying to help us.

Firefighters came in and spoke to us. We’ve stood up. They told to keep away from the door.

I did the slav squat in a corner… asthma meds make you high as fuck. Taking them right after driving to the office is the perfect time. You can put anxiety to code.
Dude did the slav squat. Not entirely sure why. He wasn’t sure either.

The whole adventure took less than 20 minutes (Maybe the cute firefighters are from the X-man team and can teleport), but after the “terrifying” 15 minutes of semi-darkness, I’ve realized, that no matter what kind of shit you do, people will follow if you LOOK like you know what you’re doing.

Even if you’re wearing a gas mask. horns, a leather jacked and a bunch of other stuff that may make people question your sanity.

The poor guy told me he was shaky for a while after this.
Shit… wait… now I get why… xD

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