Feminism is cancer

When I’ve chosen the path of the SysAdmin, you had to have skills and brains to be one. 
Today, you just need a vagina because “females in IT” and “the gender gap”.

This is not equality. This shit is completely dismissing all effort, time and dedication I’ve put in my vocation, as well as the effort, time and dedication, that my fellow brother sysadmins have put in it.

The only result that can come out of this, is HR closing the eyes to stupidity in order to fill a necessary percentage at a position.

The only thing this can cause is reinforce the belief that woman and computer don’t go together, because someone has to compensate for the incompetence of females, who got shit served on a golden plate because “gender gap”.

Can you guess who’ll have to do that? 
Yup, you got it right, those who got balls.

Fuck this shit.

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