Data Dog

How it’s presented:


How I feel using their API:


But seriously, why giving the option to send custom payloads in the web hooks if all the info I can send is relative to the event, which does not include {{host.ip}}, {{}} and many other parameters that you desperately need (like tags, host tags, not monitor tags) while trying to make an integration pack for your level 1 support automation.

Also, did I mention that the default payload imitates to be a JSON, but is not a JSON? And I was wondering why python failed parcing it so badly…

Oh well, in the mails those messages look super cute. Because we all enjoy reading tons of mails per day right? RIGHT? 

Of course the support takes suggestions and is really polite, but you never hear back about those. No followup ticket/mail. No github issue. Sight…

You can input all the data you want from all the things, but outputting… why would you do that? Everything you need is here, in our interface, which is hosted on Amazon and lags on autoscaling… and yeah… can’t allow just a range of IPs to access my API for security reasons. We got Pager Duty, so you can send alerts directly to the oncall person at 3 am!

Multi-client, but has no option to see all your servers at once. Really usefull for a hoster that wants to know which servers are down, because of an issue that affects the hypervisor, while Pager Duty is chocking with the amount of the alerts that are sent to it.


Forgot to mention, why do you bother to do an API if you still leave parts of your product unmanageable by it?

Have 10 clients, with 3 web hooks each? That’s plugged to an automation box which remediates all-the-things depending on the alert?

Box goes down?  Security issue? Need to re-generate all the API keys which are used by Data Dog to authenticate on the Automaton system?

Well… connect to the interface and do it manually, because you got nothing else to do, hackers will wait for you and not destroy all the things and because automation is overrated anyways.

Edit 2:

Need to monitor CPU+RAM percentage usage? What? Why I configure it as it’s in the FAQ, but get alert triggered at 2% instead of 90%. Damn! Get your shit together Data Dog!

Edit 3:

There’s still no phone app for DataDog. Because we all check our Emails 24×7.

Who in Hell needs a phone app for the oncall anyways?!

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