2 August 2019: I don’t know what happenned with you, but you always came back to my mind. I always thought I was derping around but sadly I wasn’t. You left a scar on me like a Succubus would do… I’ve been through hell and meet Samael. Honestly, even if I die, I’ll never forget … Continue reading Succubus

Tip of the day

On a first date, the following is a bad idea: – Asking the person’s adress. If she tells you “close to here”, it’s because it’s not normal to share the exact street, number and postal code. – Not talking and looking away. This just makes you look weird. – Bars that serve you Boreale instead … Continue reading Tip of the day


Sometimes people ask you why you don’t want to give them your cell or meet them. It’s very sad, but sometimes you have to explain them that it will not work out, since we’re at different stages of… evolution…

Tall, blonde, blue eyes, smart, manipulative piece of shit

So I’ve met this guy, luckily, not in real life. He was quite “good material”. Tall, blone, blue eyes, engineer of some kind. He was also syrian, however, I’ve decided to not be close minded. He was pretty smart, had great sense of humour and was interesting to talk to. Almost prince charming. However, that … Continue reading Tall, blonde, blue eyes, smart, manipulative piece of shit

Another Narcissist

This guy messaged me. He didn’t seem stupid, rather all the opposite. He also knew what he was looking for, a whife and a mother for his future kids. He’s a team leader of this very intelligent computer programmer people and everybody listens to him. He also just got a brand new house and new … Continue reading Another Narcissist

A Vegan Nazi Buddist

Why… Why that hot dude that meets “the checklist” requirements resulted to be a piece of shit? WHYYYYYY?!  Aperances are deceiving. I guess that’s what life tried to teach me with those ridiculous dates. I’m used to American dudes expecting to split the bill, I can survive it, but it’s the first time ever, when … Continue reading A Vegan Nazi Buddist


Y u “like” all my posts so aggressively? I thought u sayed “Good night”… and why from all the pictures of different “pretty” and “dressed” levels, you only liked the one with my sports car…

Knowledge is power

Sometimes, I think I’m too exigent. Sometimes, I think I’m looking for a prince charming that does not exist (I want a tauren on a black war kodo) Sometimes, I think I’m too critical of people. Sometimes, I don’t trust my intuition when it’s screaming at me, because I think I’m crazy.     However, … Continue reading Knowledge is power


I seriously don’t know why american boys are so exited about dating girls in IT. I’ve just finished automating the stalking process of a guy I really like. Now I can simply consult the logs which are written on a 5 minute basis.   … and it’s only the second date…     EDIT: After … Continue reading Stalker

Someone, who would actually enjoy to fuck himself

Punctuation and spelling has been preserved:   Allow me to introduce myself. I’m playfully dichotomous. I’m a loving narcassist. I’m available, yet dans la lune. I’m imperfect, like a chipped tooth. But I could be the imperfection that helps put a definitive stamp on our time together, before the sands of time blend into another … Continue reading Someone, who would actually enjoy to fuck himself