Gas mask

Punk concert: – What u r protesting against? – Not ur first Bad Religion show! You’re a true fan because the song… oh… allergies? Fuck that! – Take it off, you can’t breathe with that! – I’m a dog groomer / firefighter! I know what that is! – Cool! – Take it off, you’re not … Continue reading Gas mask


Нет ничего невозможного, если ты охерел до нужной степени. Такое настроение сегодня хорошее, что не в сказке сказать, ни матом сформулировать. Как говорила моя бабушка, если напакостила, а чувство вины так и не пришло – значит, всё правильно сделала. После 30 у женщин слабеют мышцы ушей и лапша перестает дердаться.

Lead like a queen. (this title needs more arroganse)

Entered elevator. Lights went off. Elevator stopped. Had to be rescued like a princess. Firefighters were cute. Must do this more often (still single) I’ve pressed buttons. He pressed buttons. I’ve sat my ass on the floor (thought it would take hours). He sat his buttox on the floor. I’ve called the operator. He finally … Continue reading Lead like a queen. (this title needs more arroganse)


Spring has come. 3 of my ex’es called. An one night stand fuck messaged me to “build a relationship”. A 37 years old grandpa tried to convince me I need to meet him (at 11pm).

Automation is a derp

I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to query some info from about 500 servers. It was an one time task. Then it came to me… a bash one liner, showing the current status of my mental retardation.

Genious Awards

Sometimes I wonder how people manage to be excellent in multiple domains. How it’s possible, the same person exceeds all the known limits on mental retardation and annoyance at the same time. He deserves a prize.


Life often presents us with difficult decisions to make, such as “do I keep on with the diet and exercise or just eat the damn waffles and become the symbol of 2019?”


I wanted to get up at 6 and to to the gym before work. I got up at 4 and went to the fridge and back to sleep. I consider myself fit, because I still fit into sweat panths.


I’ve recovered a mail account to which I didn’t log in in decades. Guess what I found… a job offer… that matches my profile… It seems HR are pretty despered and ingenious those days.


I’m the generation that automates legacy. This is when I see old sysadmins being decommissioned. In today’s cloud (agnostic) world, the second you stop, you’re done. We’re the infrastructure, because we’re the code. This is just real life autoscaling. We’re all just another image on the internets.


I’ve found the true unicorn. His code works mainly because of magic. If there was no magic, shit would have burned a long time a go.

Security is a derp

They grow up so fast… My mom got her first smartphone. She can now share pictures of her flowers with her friends… …after I’ve blocked an entire arabic family from Lybia who was spamming the number through whatsup in arabic… Chat logs were available for longer than what the phone was in our possession. Also … Continue reading Security is a derp


This week, I’ve asked that question more times than the last year, but I’m slowly approaching the stage of acceptance. It’s ok.


Dear Internet, I’m in love. Today is the first day in my life where a linux laptop with encryption and anti-virus was provided to me as the “default”, just like other people get Windows and Mac, I got Linux, a secured one. There’s a first time for everything. Things you don’t believe in, may suddently … Continue reading <3


Пришла на собеседование красивая. Там решили, что я умная и дали бабла. Обьявила маме зарплату. Она разволновалась. Спросила нужно ли теперь ездить на работу и есть ли место с аналогичными условиями, где на работу ездить не надо. Действительно…

Сильная независимая женщина/ Strong Independant Woman

Зашла на тиндер, получила предложение о работе… по специальности, а не то, о чем вы подумали. ———————————————————————————————————— I went on tinder. Got a job offer. Not the one you think, but actually to work as a sysadmin. It’s time to get another cat.


Живу я очень бедно, ем заплесневелый сыр, пью просроченное вино, езжу на машине без крыши… С просторов ентих ваших инретнетов, но на самом деле всё так и есть…

За 30.

Наверное это старость. Хочу беспроводный супер-пупер пылесос за 300 баксов, мега-швабру, новый хламадильник и понтовый очиститель воздуха…

Лялечка, 31 годик.

У всех людей зоопарк тараканов в голове, но к своему тридцатничку, я всё же еще не поняла кто мои… 300 спартанцев или подразделение ВДВ.

The end is near!

I really wonder, if it’s a good or a bad thing that cellphones adapt your auto completion suggestions depending on the type of app you’re using. On one hand, I’m pretty happy there’s no BDSM terminology when I’m composing emails, on the other, it seems that the rise of the machines isn’t that far away … Continue reading The end is near!

I quit

My ex-boss is like Microsoft, he fucks people in the ass with a big fisting dildo and no lub, while smiling and telling it’s for their own good. Sorry dude, but I’m Gentoo based.

oh technology!

Your attempts to keep your privacy are futile. Surrender, puny bag of meat! I’ve never linked my instagram to my facebook, yet, can login in insta with facebook  with no issues whatsoever.


Returned from a 3 month sick leave for anxiety & depression. Worked for 2 months. Told boss anxiety is getting to the point where I can’t manage it any more, mainly because of lack of windows, natural light and current construction noise. Got told I should compensate my co-workers for not doing oncall (prohibited by … Continue reading Butthurt


I’ve been checking mah fitbit at the same time every day for a while. There’s about 200 additional calories burned by 2pm if I’m coding something. I wonder if this is why I constantly craving sugar while at the office.


Sometimes you feel like a dumb fucktard. Then your boss tells you’re the first one to pass X certification, that other people didn’t pass yet (and you know they’ve tried), but you’re like, well… it must be easier for me, because bla bla, derpy derp and trololo. Accepting own stupidity for some reason is way … Continue reading Dumb


Getting pad thai from uber eats (preparation and delivery) is way faster than just waiting in line in Thai Express and then waiting for the order to be made. So technically, I ate 1.5k calories and have a great justification for not moving to burn at least some of those off… cuz it’s not taking … Continue reading Foodsies

Ansible for derps

Since my level of retardation varies depending on the day, I need to put this somewhere. Loop_vars causes a segmentation fault in my brain, so hopefully, this example won’t cause me to loose a shit ton time again. vars.yml vhosts: – name: clusterfuck production: “” staging: “” sandbox1: “” – name: dirtyinode production: “” staging: … Continue reading Ansible for derps

Saturday facepalms

My banc must have realised, their identity verification on the phone sucks so much, that they’ve quit doing it. Now you simply need the card number to retrieve information to set up direct deposit and do other stuff. In wrong hands, your card could be a big pain in the ass.   Don’t lose your … Continue reading Saturday facepalms


Juniper is a berrie, Elk is an animal, Vault is a type of ceiling. “Vault Architecture” search does not give me what I’ve meant at all. Live is hard.   Later on, the universe decided keep reminding me, it’s all mater of perspective.  

When the grass was greaner.

I was the only one to be nerd in miles.  Now every second profile on a dating app says “I’m so nerd”, every other one says “I’m a huge geek”. Sad.   Being a weirdo is still not cool tho,  

Old people…

My facebook is adulting. I’ve asked “yes or no” to a fucking expensive videocard and everyone sayed “no”. Poor eldery people. Adulting must suck.


I’ve never thought that installing fancy fonts could be ever usefull for something else than eyecandy. Results, you need them to convert QR in shell output to image file. I’m feeling trully blonde today.  So much time wasted due to a stupid missing font… and I wont start with the 300 mails in 1 minute … Continue reading Fonts

Ебанутость или яблочко от яблоньки…

Вот смотрю на енти ихние америко-канадские семьи  и понимаю, что у меня никогда такого не будет. Уж больно они скучные нормальные. Накрашенные девушки со своими парнями. 2 бутылки вина на 8 человек, а “праздничный” ужин, намопинаеющий мою диету… Честно попыталась представить, как бы выглядела моя семья в такой ситуации, но никак не получаеться убрать ебанутость. … Continue reading Ебанутость или яблочко от яблоньки…

А какой ты покемон?

По утрам, девушки деляться на 4 типа: Пусть не накрашусь, но посплю. Пусть не накрашусь, но пожру. Пусть не посплю и не пожру, но накрашусь. Везде блядь опоздаю, но посплю, пожру и накрашусь!  


Someone you’ve always  considered stronger and smarter, lays in coma in a hospital. We’re all bags of meat.

Feminism is cancer

When I’ve chosen the path of the SysAdmin, you had to have skills and brains to be one.  Today, you just need a vagina because “females in IT” and “the gender gap”. This is not equality. This shit is completely dismissing all effort, time and dedication I’ve put in my vocation, as well as the … Continue reading Feminism is cancer


Samsung really cares for the security of the data on your phone. If you didn’t unlock it for 24hs using the fingerprint, it asks you to enter the password. Do they assume that each 24hs someone else could have my finger? Logic? Clearly missing.


Sometimes you’re oncall. Sometimes u have to wake up people. Sometimes u feel really sorry for them, cuz they sound realy tired. Sometimes, they wish you “Good Night”. Funny fact. The other  oncall dude will txt u saying it’s resolved, cuz if u awake, u text back, but if you sleep, he does not wake … Continue reading Sometimes


When you’re 16, you cry because you have to leave your friends. When you’re 30, you look back and really feel thankful to not have the same kind of life and to not see any more of those people.   “People change” and “people don’t change” at the same time. I’m the same as when … Continue reading Present

Less is not more

Less is not more… I watch my old “friends” and aquitances get covered in stupid and sit on their asses burning their lives in vain. Because the name of one of your dogs is important enough to get it forever across your chest, as a poor quality tatoo. I don’t know if it’s out of … Continue reading Less is not more