Another Narcissist

This guy messaged me. He didn’t seem stupid, rather all the opposite.
He also knew what he was looking for, a whife and a mother for his future kids.
He’s a team leader of this very intelligent computer programmer people and everybody listens to him.
He also just got a brand new house and new car and makes 92k a year.
He likes to dress fancy and have nice things.
He’s very smart and writes books and poems.
He likes to sing also, he goes to caraoke… after drinking with co-workers, when they’ve left to their girlfriends/wifes/kids and he’s all alone.
It’s obviously my fault since I didn’t accept to join him on a late night at a bar…

Yes, he did excuse himself and obviously I’ve forgive him, he’s so charming and I’m not very intelligent girl.
After all, it was sarcasm. He could never understand why I “don’t get” his “sarcasm”.


We had long interesting conversations, mainly about him and his interests.
However, he never told me on what all that money is going.
He told that 92k is barely enough for 1 person (considering the fact that he pays $500-$700 a month for morgage) and that his wife has to make at least 60k a year.
He wants kids at the same time obviously. I wonder why, clearly those are ressource consumers.
What if there are complications? Maternity leave is only 7 months after all.
What if the female is too sick to work… what if the kid needs something that the mother can’t afford?

I still can’t understand why he wants something that could potentially try to make him stop his cocke&hookers addiction.
Otherwise, how the hell all those money is not enough for 1 person?

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