A Vegan Nazi Buddist

Why… Why that hot dude that meets “the checklist” requirements resulted to be a piece of shit? WHYYYYYY?! 

Aperances are deceiving. I guess that’s what life tried to teach me with those ridiculous dates.

I’m used to American dudes expecting to split the bill, I can survive it, but it’s the first time ever, when a dude repeats “cheap” over and over again when speaking of dates.

It’s also the first time I’ve visited Cinema Dollar. It was a great experience and made me very happy for having “white girl problems”.
The place has good reviews, many are fascinated with the low prices and free popcorn, which I politely refused out of sanitary considerations… Oh well, that place deserves it’s own kind of post.

It’s also the first time someone showed sweaty and smelly at a date… besides being late. I guess showering at he gym was taking too long.

I was disappointed with the guy. It’s rare to see someone who speaks as many languages as I do.
I was disappointed, because the mother was a professor of philology and the linguistics degree of the dude, was only a result of him never growing any balls and following mommy’s steps… Yup, those kind of people still exist in 2017.


So he started digging on Facebook, and from all the pics with pretty face/tits out/ass pictures (I really have content to pick from), he only liked stupidass comix and the photo where I was with my sports car… which is quite alarming when he’s so focused on everything “cheap”.

Why someone who finds so many benefits of cheap things, that it almost looks like cheap is better (and not what u pay for), would only “like” a picture of a potential mate, where she’s looking fat and ugly, but where she’s showing off her sports car?


I also started digging… and was dissapointed again.
The hot dude had no brains. He was completely brainwashed by politics and was part of ukrainian nazi movement.
His facebook wall was full of anti-Russian nazi shit.

I was disapointed, because with all that ideology, his lack of brains was so strong, that he tried to date a Russian.
I wonder if his plan wasn’t to indoctrinate me slowly. After all, he was correcting stuff like “Russian store” by “Central-European store”.
Russian Store, according to him is a bad term since the place also sells products from Ukraine and Belarus… facepalm.jpeg.

I was also disapointed by overall lack of respect. Being late and re-scheduling dates was a common thing…oh wait, I guess I deserve no respect since I’m Russian.

He’s also a budist and a vegan…

A nazi vegan buddist…


The stupidity is strong with this one.

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