Some  dude posting on facebook, so romantic, so naive…

If I date you, I don’t want your passwords, or your phone.

I can get all the info I want about you and you will never know, because I’m a sysadmin.

I’ll know where and with who you are, all of your interests, what you want to eat tonight, what are you thinking about  and how much sleep you’re sacrificing between your job and university just to see me.

I don’t want you to give me any info, it’s not fun to get it from you, but don’t ever expect me to be that brainless sheep, that will always believe you, in those times, when you’re going to a bar, but say you’re sick and will just watch a movie.

I’m not against having some beers with the dudes, if you don’t end up on an address none of your friends lives at…

Trust is something that you loose, just like virginity. The only difference is that to someone, it takes numerous times to be fucked.

I don’t understand why dudes want to date “computer nerd gamer girls”.

We’re as batshit crazy as any other female on the planet, the only difference, is that normal females make scandals because their intuition tells them something is wrong, IT girls have proof.

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