Gas mask

Punk concert:

– What u r protesting against?
– Not ur first Bad Religion show! You’re a true fan because the song… oh… allergies? Fuck that!
– Take it off, you can’t breathe with that!
– I’m a dog groomer / firefighter! I know what that is!
– Cool!
– Take it off, you’re not the coolest one here, bitch!
– Yo, girl! Isn’t it too hot for that?
– You stuck weed in there to be high AF constantly, didn’t ya?

Metal concert:
– \m/
– \m/
– \m/
– \m/
– \m/
– To boyfriend: Cool chick, bro!

Stores and public places:
-People stare, sometimes scared, sometimes judging.
You get a really different treatment.
A gas mask not only purifies air, for you to breathe, but also filters assholes… unless it’s ppl with a fetish… which are way more common that one thinks…

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